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File:81px-Rare SEGA Amy Rose Lrg.pngFile:91px-Heroes sonic.pngFile:97px-TV poster.png
File:Art edit sonic render by fentonxd by mardic-d4luu5h.pngFile:Badge-1-7.pngFile:Badge-edit-7.png
File:Blaze by mike9711-d55b9je.pngFile:Bunnie rabbot by elesis knight-d525j8l.pngFile:Cream by jackydik-d5hv9zs.png
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File:Images.jpgFile:In the magic forest without forest c8 by fentonxd-d5fjhfa.pngFile:Knuckels by mike9711-d4ya5gn.png
File:Knuckles the echidna by itshelias94-d4sdrqf.pngFile:Knuckles the echidna by itshelias94-d4xxe7c.pngFile:Metal sonic by mike9711-d55ba45.png
File:Miles prower by itshelias94-d4sp69i.pngFile:Mobius Comic Logo by Mobius40.jpgFile:Nocoverart.png
File:Omega by mike9711-d5511if.pngFile:Rose.pngFile:Rouge by mike9711-d55120a.png
File:Rouge the bat by itshelias94-d4sdrf9.pngFile:SANIC ADVENCA 3.pngFile:SFC.png
File:Sally acorn new outfits archie comics 2013 by elesis knight-d5i66ii.pngFile:Shadow by mike9711-d550oiy.pngFile:Shadow the hedgehog by mike9711-d4yhhii.png
File:Shadow the hedgehog by mike9711-d51948r.pngFile:Shadow the hedgehog p3 by itshelias94-d4t0mx9.pngFile:Silver by mike9711-d5512p0.png
File:Silver the hedgehog by fentonxd-d5poxi4.pngFile:Silver the hedgehog by itshelias94-d4rg5h4.pngFile:Sonic2titlelol.png
File:Sonic Animation MonsterFile:Sonic Generations Sonic and Tails Meet Sonic and TailsFile:Sonic High School (Pt. 20)
File:Sonic Rival Girlfriends by Kphoria.jpgFile:Sonic adventure 3 logo by sonicguru-d4u0ms5.pngFile:Sonic battle pose by fentonxd-d4wdc1r.png
File:Sonic beforethesequel 01.jpgFile:Sonic colours trailer pose 2 by fentonxd-d4wzvnu.pngFile:Sonic colours trailer pose by fentonxd-d4wkqmf.png
File:Sonic dimensions logo by darkfailure-d4f63aj.pngFile:Sonic genesis logo by chaoscontrol214-d5jy3jz.pngFile:Sonic in asdf movie
File:Sonic jump by itshelias94-d5ikoyk.pngFile:Sonic sa3 update skill by itshelias94-d4suuvr.pngFile:Sonic the hedgehog 3d pose by fentonxd-d4ya16a.png
File:Sonic the hedgehog 3d pose itshelias by fentonxd-d4ym1je.pngFile:Sonic the hedgehog 4 episode 2 by fentonxd-d4xmlgw.pngFile:Sonic vs metal bad future stardust speedway by darkwingfan-d5ex6c4.png
File:Super sonic.jpgFile:Super sonic 3d test 2 by fentonxd-d4xx6fe.pngFile:Tails ate sonic by ggault-d36ccm7.jpg
File:Tails by mike9711-d55129r.pngFile:Tails the thinker by foxtrax-d59ffys.pngFile:Tumblr m2bk07TNR11r1guu2o1 500 large.gif
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