Like in Shadow the Hedgehog, the game features a branching system of story and levels. The player chooses the levels they will play after completing a level based on the dialogue and answers they make during the cutscenes in between or in the Hub Worlds. 


Stage 1Edit

Emerald Beach

Boss: Egg Mobile

Stage 2Edit

Castle Ruin

Lake Of Rings

Boss: Dark Enerjak

Stage 3Edit

G.U.N. Base

Boss: Character Melee 1

Stage 4Edit

Devil's Gulag

Tower Trap

Death Mountain

Boss: Shadow The Hedgehog

Stage 5Edit

Egg TerminalEdit

Ocean BaseEdit

Worm CanyonEdit

Boss: Giant Worm

Rail FallsEdit

Boss: Prelate: S

Stage 6Edit

Blossom VillageEdit

Boss: Dark Enerjak


Boss: Big Arm

Skeleton CastleEdit

Boss: Tails Doll

Polar MeltdownEdit

Boss: PolarBot

Badnik IslandEdit

Boss: Psesdo-Sonic

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